Saturday, December 3, 2011

Even Angelina Jolie Wearing Butt Pads?! And How's Your Badonkadonk?

Lately, all we hear about and see, are stories regarding ample butts, and how to acquire one. We, at BeautyTipToday, wrote about the butt obsession,too. Just check our November archive and the padded panty article.

Meantime, we are re-visiting the badonkadonk discussion, because Star magazine printed a convincing photo of actress Angelina Jolie at a recent event, dressed to the nines in a sexy, red satin gown wearing a, er, padded panty. Allegedly.

We were shocked. Angelina Jolie is so lovely, that we never thought she would resort to any kind of faux curves. And of course, we cannot prove that she is wearing a foam, padded panty, but according to Star, the 36-year-old Academy Award winner is "flat in the back." And, "She wears butt pads to give her skinny figure some curves, but they show if she wears silk," says an insider. "Some companies don't even want to lend her clothes for events anymore."

Not sure we buy the part about designers not wishing to let the gorgeous brunette wear their gowns on the red carpet. We find that hard to believe.

Let us also say, that if that is a 'panty booster,', well, the woman is still stunning, flat butt or round butt.

And might we add, too, that even A-list celebrities do not have perfect bodies. They might come extremely close, but they, too, have insecurities.

So many women are buying the padded panties, as they see curvy behinds like Jennifer Lopez' and Kim Kardashian's constantly in the spotlight.

By the way, if you desire a more ample rump, you, too, can try a little padding in the caboose. Frederick's of Hollywood has a very popular padded panty called the Booty Booster ($28, at Frederick's. And this one has gotten great reviews.

We are going to go on the record now and state, we would NOT wear a padded panty. Padded bra? We plead guilty...How about you?