Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Every Gal Needs A Pair Of No-Nonsense Rain Boots

If you live in New England, like we do, then you encounter all kinds of nasty weather days ahead come winter. If it isn't the mounds of snow or the mud and slush and brush and yuck left behind, there is something on the ground that can ruin your favorite leathers.

That's why, you NEED a pair of rain boots. We're not talking about a fancy, $400 duo. Just 2 no-nonsense boots. Ones that are lined inside and will keep your feet totally dry once you hit the raw, cold winter elements.

We have ruined many a pair of nice leather shoes and yes, even leather boots walking through all kinds of stormy terrain. You've been through this, too. Big, unsighlty salt stains, leather that has been beaten up and eaten up.

Our advice: Buy a cheap pair of vinyl/rubber rain boots. And carry your favorite leathers with you to change into at your destination. Most rain boots are designed with a 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch heel with good traction, so you don't slip and fall on the winter ground.

We found a great classic pair here, on sale for just $14.70 in sizes 6-10. The Shiny Rain Boot in Red or Black. Check out our photo.

Sometimes, you just have to slip into a pair of no-nonsense footwear until you reach your destination. Not super pretty, but, oh-so practical.

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