Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fashion's Charlotte Ronson Also Designs Beach Hair

Textured and tousled hair, with mega-shine.

Who doesn't want that?!

Of course, there are tons of beach and surf-styling sprays out there. Some work well, some fizz out, and others get discontinued. And now that mermaid waves are really hot this season, everyone seems to be looking for the perfect hair product to amp up the waves and gloss.

We've stumbled onto a Perfect Mess Beach Hair by designer Charlotte Ronson ($20, at Sephora. The story goes, that the fashion designer 'designed' her OWN styling spray to keep her long, enviable wavy blond locks beach-y all day long.

If you look at the customer reviews at, you will find that most women adore Charlotte's styling spray. It gets a 3.5 out of 5.0 rating.

So, what makes this surf spray effective? This is how her company describes a Perfect Mess Beach Hair:

"To develop waves and texture, spray it throughout wet or moist hair. Marine botanicals give hair bounce, flexibility, and long-lasting hold. Infused with LFT™ (Light Filter Technology), it delivers an unbeatable beach shine that automatically adjusts based on your lighting. Plus, its light scent is reminiscent of a perfect beach day—taking you back to summer, all year long."

The spray contains some interesting ingredients like---sea salt, jojoba, algea, and green tea extracts.