Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jessica Simpson's New Skin Care Company Hopes To Be Breath Of Fresh Air

Her new venture is a skin care company called BeautyMint.

Jessica Simpson already has a billion dollar empire, selling shoes, accessories, bathing suits, jeans, makeup, and a whole lot more. So don't worry about the star slacking off these days, just because she is pregnant.

Jessica is all over the celebrity map, even creating a tween fashion line with sister Ashley.

BeautyMint is a concept based on personalized skin care. The blonde beauty and celebrity aesthetician Nerida Joy recently launched the new online destination that sells anti-aging skincare.

Remember when a younger Jess was doing the Pro-Activ skin care line to battle her acne days?

She is modeling BeautyMint after that personalized complexion program in some respects.

But BeautyMint doesn't just clear up the pimples. The skin care system also claims to perform these beauty goals:

Environmental damage control
Defend against effects of time
Sun protection

The botantical ingredients are also effective and 'high-tech,' in the science of beauty:

Marine collagen
Aloe Vera
Cucumber extract
Acai fruit
Mulberry extract
Green tea
Shea butter

To learn what BeautyMint products are right for you, there's a free consultation form to fill out online.

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