Thursday, July 25, 2013

Celebrities Look Red Carpet Ready With Botox, Injectables And The Big Peel

We all know that celebrities ALWAYS look gorgeous during public events. And although, not every source-in-the-know will give away the beauty secrets, there are some obvious beauty tips that famous people use to look younger than most of us.

Celebrity makeup artist Kevin James Bennett paints on flawless faces for A-listers. And he will say this:

"Let’s face facts," he tells Star magazine. "These are well-kept people that hire professionals to monitor and maintain their skin’s appearance. They get facials, use wildly expensive products and have dermatologists do all kinds of procedures from injectables, to Botox, to whatever is needed to remain looking smooth."

Amen.....Glad someone is sharing the obvious truth. There is no way a stunning celebrity past age 40 can remain un-lined + full in the face without some sort of divine cosmetic intervention.

Kevin also credits this Philosophy skin care product for creating an ultra-smooth + glowing canvas:
The Philosophy Micro Delivery Peel Pads and Bliss Triple Oxygen Mask.

We found it at for $60.31.

"Yeah, you can look exactly like them – if you’re ready to make a hefty financial investment and become a slave to office visits," he adds.

"I would rather provide guidelines for achieving a similar effect, but within a normal budget and far less invasive procedures. Sure you can splurge and go get a facial, but also purchase a great at home exfoliant and moisture mask.

The Philosophy Micro Delivery Peel Pads and Bliss Triple Oxygen Mask are to die for! You exfoliate, then throw on the oxygen mask …in 15-20 minutes you are smooth, soft, glowing and ready to put your best face forward."

We believe in a exfoliation routine, so we think Kevin is on the right track.

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Anonymous said...

If it will make me look like Christy Brinkly then I would use it.Not sure this wil tighten up my jowls.