Saturday, July 6, 2013

Light-Haired Gals Looking To Pump Up The Blonde Volume: 'Go Blonder'

We happen to LOVE the John Frieda hair styling line.

We're not happy when he discontinues some of these dynamite products, but he ALWAYS comes up with something new.

And even though his Go Blonder collection  has been around for a while, it's become a huge favorite, especially for those light-haired gals who wish to pump up the blonde volume.

Who wouldn't want to be the BLONDEST gal on the beach?

If you've never dabbled with this one, you're missing out. Go Blonder Lightening Spray CAN lighten your color in as few as 5 uses without visiting a  pro.

Just look at the photos.

We found some at for $7.99 a bottle.'s July already! Time to brighten + lighten things up in a BIG WAY!!!

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