Monday, July 15, 2013

Shakira Uses These In The Shower For Smooth, Supple Skin

Singing sensation Shakira does it for radiant, healthy skin from head-to-toe.
We talk about EXFOLIATION all the time. It is so-oooooo key to maintaining beautiful skin:
1. Removes dead skin cells.
2. Increases circulation.
3. Improves skin tone + delivers that glow
The simplest way to exfoliate is by manually scrubbing with a circular motion.

Shakira's favorite beauty product are Exfoliating Gloves by Parissa ($6.99, at CVS). These bath time mitts are formulated with azulene oil to keep skin soft + supple. Azulene oil helps inhibit ingrown hairs + encourages cell stimulation. It comes from the chamomile plant.
The sexy coach from The Voice tells OK Magazine this:

"I use (them) every day in the shower."

We think this is an effective + cheap beauty tip!!


Anonymous said...

I use the same gloves.
Glad I use them now.

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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