Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kate Moss And Her Iconic Style: 5 Key Items To Copy

You're either going to LOVE Kate Moss, or not love her, but one thing is for sure, this longtime model has staying power at age 40. Plus--she's admired around the world for her unique sense of style.

She was never really tall enough to model, but she broke through that barrier and changed the business. Okay, she isn't short at 5' 7", but considering that Miranda Kerr is 5 '9", Cara Delevingne is 5' 10" and Karlie Kloss is 6' 1", you get what we mean.

Still, the British beauty with the imperfect smile made it BIG time and continues to prosper.

"I definitely feel more comfortable in my own skin since turning 40," Kate Moss told Harper's Bazaar magazine recently.

So, Harper's Bazaar asked Kate this question:

If you had to boil your style down to 5 key items, what would they be?

"A black tuxedo jacket, a really good pair of jeans, a pair of heels, a great bag, and of course, a little back dress."

There you have it.

Kate is so right! The tuxedo jacket is a no-brainer---ALWAYS elegant for any occasion.

We found a nice tuxedo jacket at Victoria's Secret ($68, from size 0 - 12).

It's a timeless look and smart investment!


terrie(x) said...

Kate is my favorite model of all time!
thx for this great post!

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