Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Oh My! It's L'Oreal's New Miss Manga Mascara For Those Doll-Like Lashes!

We've said this before....We are a mascara freak. CANNOT live without this key beauty item. And yeah....we LOVE doll-like lashes.

Welcome to L'Oreal's newest mascara on the beauty block:


Say what? What is a manga?

Don't worry. We had to look up the origin. Apparently, the manga stands for Japanese comics. And female manga eyes are drawn thick + long or as doll-like lashes.

Take a look at an example that we found at WikiHow.

Now it all makes sense. We love the clever advertising by L'Oreal.

And let's face it.....Who doesn't adore big, beautiful dark lashes?

Why is Voluminous Miss Manga different?

It gives you "great volume on the top and bottom. The brush has a 360 degree flexor that helps you build up to 15x the volume in a flash."

Plus the new masacara has gotten great reviews, 3.9* out of 5* so far.