Sunday, August 31, 2014

Living On The Edge: Bold Statement Necklace Adds Wow Factor!

The statement necklace isn't going anywhere soon. In fact, bib-style jewelry is HOT on trend for Fall 2014.

We "heart" Beyonce's statement necklace with loads of chains + charms, white tank and jeans. Can you say SEXY?!
You don't have to spend hundreds for a great-looking statement necklace. We found lots of them to choose from. And most are UNDER $15. Can't beat the rock-bottom price!

Why the bib-style statement necklace?

It showers all the attention on you, and in a good way.

Take a look at this elegant + edgy Layered Rhinestone Necklace from Forever21

This bold beauty is only $13.90. We want this one! In fact, we are going to buy it.

It features a vintage-inspired necklace, which combines layered chains + rhinestone trim.
Burnished finish
Lobster clasp
Medium weight
Chain length: 16.5"

And an edgy statement necklace with some weight + heavy armor looks amazing with a simple button down white shirt or white tee.

It's all you need for a great look, whether it's in the office or hanging out at home, a striking necklace speaks fashion volumes.


leelee said...

I heart your fashion style!
Great pick from Forever 21.
I would wear this too.

Mrs.GG said...

That's why Bey is the QUEEN!

Xj Cheng said...

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