Monday, August 18, 2014

People Mag Claims Jennifer Aniston's Super-Toned Arms From Yoga?

We LOVE People magazine, but maybe they should be careful over-exaggerating celebrities' body parts.

Here is the headline today that lured us in to read the article:

Want Jennifer Aniston's Super-Toned Arms? Here's What You Need to Know Straight from Her Yoga Instructor

 And here is the photo that People chose to show off those buff arms:

We think this is a bad photo, or Jennifer Aniston's arms are not that buff.
Here are celebrities with super-toned arms:

We've been told that the absolute BEST way to super-tone arms the quickest, is by fooling around with weights. Even a pair of 5 lb. dumbbells can TONE up the biceps + triceps FAST.  And we have no doubt that lots of yoga can also do great work for the arms, as well.

Read here about Jennifer Aniston's yoga instructor and the positions that give the beloved actress her fit figure.