Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Madonna's Bulging Veins And Biceps Gone Too Far?

We have to admit, this photo of Madonna in London returning home from dinner, snapped two evenings ago, freaked us out a bit. And apparently, that is the buzz all over the globe.

Has the 50-year-old superstar over-done it with the strenuous exercise routine she religiously sticks to, 2 hours a day, 6 days a week?!

There is a fine line between fit and toned arms, ladies. Critics says this has gone beyond the look of healthy and feminine. What we see now are bulging veins and too sinewy arms.

And the media is having a ball going after her. Headlines screaming for 'Madge' to quit the gym. Calling her a walking skeleton. Showing off stringy, muscular arms. And so on. Just brutal attention made to this beloved musical performer.

Some women might argue, that at least Madonna, the busy mother of 4, has little fat, and a whole lot of muscle. Who wants bat wings and soft, mushy arms, her supporters have been saying.

Both Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna share the same personal fitness trainer, Tracy Anderson.

And according to an item in the, Tracy Anderson suggests that Madonna is her star pupil and works out like a fiend, and still has maintained her feminine appeal:

"Madonna is an athlete. That's what I try to hammer into people's heads, people who criticise her for training two hours, six days a week. She's just like a baseball player or a soccer player.

"I don't have to scream at her because she's so motivated. She organises her time so she can train – she makes an appointment to do it and she keeps it, but two hours is the most she ever exercises in a day.

"Madonna will never look her age," Tracy Anderson insists. "She doesn't even look half her age – she looks 19."

By the way, Madonna is currently in London on her "Sticky & Sweet" tour.

To get some softer, but still fit, knock-out arms, check out an article we did last year on toning triceps and biceps.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NeoStrata's Exuviance Introduces Sheer Refining Fluid

We've written a few articles about NeoStrata skin care products. We happen to believe the beauty treatments are effective and on the cutting edge of skin care science.

Our NeoStrata friend Michelle, has just sent us a brand new product from the company's Exuviance line, called 'Sheer Refining Fluid.'

And for those of you fighting oily/acne prone skin, this is an ideal item.

Not only do you tame the 'greasies,' but you also give your complexion a healthy boost, in the way of reducing the look of dark spots and discoloration, pimples, and wrinkles.

This pH-balanced fluid contains 2 important ingredients: NeoGlucosamine, to even out skin tone. And Phytotal, a botanical blend that controls oily skin.

We like Exuviance's Sheer Refining Fluid ($32, 1.75 oz.) because it really is a lightweight formula and absorbs immediately. And there is an added plus of an SPF 15. Apply it during the day under your makeup, and you're good to go.

Exuviance's skin care line always develops products that are non-irritating to sensitive skin. There is no animal testing.

To learn more about NeoStrata and Exuviance skin care products, and to purchase, visit:

Monday, July 27, 2009

Kohl's Vitamin C Brightening Cream Actually Estee Lauder Product Line

We've been hearing encouraging news about a wonderful little orange jar of Vitamin C cream.

And you can find this little anti-aging product at Kohl's department stores. Yes, Kohl's.

What's even more intriguing, is that Vitamin C Power Brightening Cream SPF 25 ($32.50) is put out under the label, Grassroots Research Labs. And this company is actually owned by cosmetic giant, Estee Lauder. The Grassroots line is sold exclusively at Kohl's.

And we have always associated Estee Lauder with beautiful makeup and skin care.

Get your dose of Vitamin C in this little jar, because your skin will really thank you for it. And if you are a dry-skinned beauty, this product is perfect for you, especially in these searing hot summer days. Trust us, this is a very moisturous cream.

Here is how the Grassroots folks at Kohl's describe their Vitamin C Power Brightening Cream SPF 25:

This rich hydrating cream brightens skin and helps reduce discolorations and uneven skin tone while protecting skin from the sun’s harmful rays, environmental aggressors and damaging pollution, with a triple vitamin cocktail and SPF 25.

Vitamin C, referred to by scientists as a powerful anti-aging vitamin, is known for its remarkable ability to help visibly brighten and even out skin tone while helping skin defend itself against future damage. 1.7-oz.

According to the clinical trials that Grassroots Research Labs conducted on this Vitamin C brightening cream:
62% saw an immediate increase in skin clarity
68% saw an immediate increase in moisturization

And after 4 weeks:
88% of the subjects reported visibly brighter skin

For more information, visit: kohl's

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dysport: Longer Lasting Botox Wins FDA Approval

We thought there would be a much bigger beauty buzz over the new Botox alternative known as Dysport (Reloxin).

The Food & Drug Administration recently gave the green light to this newest wrinkle relaxer Botox rival. The thumbs-up was issued in April.

So, why is this botulinum toxin better than Botox?

According to the research we uncovered, Dysport "may last up to 8 months compared to Botox, which typically lasts 4-6 months." Now that's excellent news. And this longer-lasting Botox is said to work faster than regular Botox and be about 25% cheaper in price.

Hmmm. Sounds terrific, and yet why haven't we been hearing more amazing stories about Dysport?

We haven't got the answer to that yet, but it should be noted, that the skill of your dermatologist and/or plastic surgeon could make the difference in how Dysport is even better than Botox. We saw this beauty nugget at And one of the first doctors to try Dysport on his patients was Oculopastic surgeon Joseph Eviatar, M.D., of New York City:

"I am very excited about the introduction of Dysport as it possesses several unique properties that set it apart from Botox Cosmetic," says Dr. Eviatar. "Since Dysport does act quicker and last longer, it is more important than ever to have an experienced aesthetic physician administering the injection. The doctor should be very experienced about facial anatomy and dilution procedures. It is exciting to be able to offer patients an alternative to Botox Cosmetic, especially those patients for whom Botox does not last."

Sure, the sting of the Botox needle is still there. But while Botox needs about 7-10 days to work, Dysport appears to do its magical smoothing stuff in 2-3 days.

Dysport sounds quite amazing. We will be watching for more beauty buzz on this newest wrinkle relaxer. We're surprised it hasn't been a top beauty story as of late, especially since more and more baby boomers are out looking for employment and trying to look youthful against the much younger competition bombarding places with resumes.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Forever 21 To Debut First Ever Makeup Line In Fall

Forever 21 is ready to launch their first ever makeup line this fall! The popular, junior-sized retail clothing store wants to give young women good cosmetics at bargain prices.

So for all you recessionista-makeup or fashion junkies out there, this could be your deal. Some cosmetics snobs are turning their noses up at the concept of a Forever 21 makeup line. But we aren't laughing. Hopefully, the line could be as decent as drugstore brands.

Forever 21 has had recent successes with its new swimwear and plus size clothing lines.

And we wish we could find the quote Eva Longoria Parker gave to InStyle magazine a couple of years ago, when she said that shopping at Forever 21 was a guilty pleasure. Every gal loves a bargain, and Miss Eva is no exception.

Of course, Eva Longoria Parker is petite and very tiny and can easily fit into the junior-sized fashions at Forever 21, but there are also lots of no-size, super accessories there on the cheap-cheap. Like trendy scarves and sunglasses, and of course, fun jewelry at rock bottom prices. Come on.....if you can buy a pretty bangle bracelet or some nice chandelier earrings for $5, and it lasts the season, what's wrong with that?

We look forward to the lip glosses, foundations, eyeshadows, mascaras, and more, to launch this fall at Forever 21.
You can check out the shopping deals here at

Friday, July 24, 2009

Scott Barnes' Makeup Tips For Looking Lovely Like Lopez

Happy Birthday, Jennifer Lopez!!!! The Latin beauty turns 40 today!!! And Jenny from the Block has come a long-ggggg way. From music to movies to a fashion line, a collection of perfumes, and motherhood, and a triathlon, and now this: Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony are proud part owners of the Miami Dolphins!!!!

J. Lo is looking slender and sexy these days, filming a new movie and of course, chasing after her twin toddlers.

Jennifer Lopez' makeup always looks refined and glamorous. And you can thank her artist Scott Barnes for the beautiful transformation he gives her, time and time again.

When you look at Jennifer, you notice wonderful, high cheekbones and a golden glow. That seems to be her trademark look. To get that J. Lo makeup, you need highlighter and bronzer.

Makeup artist Scott Barnes has these suggestions:
Bronzer: Make sure that you don’t use a bronzer like you would be using a loose powder. You shouldn’t be applying bronzer all over your face. You should actually use bronzer on parts of your face that the sun would kiss naturally and you should make sure that the centre of your face is lighter than the outer parts of your face.

Highlighter: This is one of Jennifer Lopez’s most loved beauty secrets. Highlighter is what gives her that J.Lo glow!

We found more details on the beauty of bronzer, in an article by Here, Scott Barnes explains the process:
So would you recommend cream-based bronzers over powder then?
Liquid bronzers, like my Body Bling, work well to this end, and I just repackaged my cult favorite in a squeeze tube that should be out by the end of the month.

What about application techniques? Is there one right way to apply product for the perfect sun-kissed glow?
In general, I try to abide by a less-is-more mentality: You can always layer more on but it’s harder to take it off. It’s really all in the approach, though. I always see women applying powders and bronzers starting next to their nose. But the trick is to work from the outside of the face inward, rather than the other way around. This creates a halo effect and leaves a diamond shape of light in the center so your face appears a little more open. This will hide double chins and give you a visible bone structure so you don’t wind up looking old. Also, use a bronzing brush to blend allover rather than applying product directly to problem areas like crow’s feet and laugh lines. And don’t forget to do your neck and d├ęcolletage.

Wonderful makeup tips. And by the way, if you're wondering how Jennifer Lopez maintains that healthy, youthful complexion, just 2 words.....La Mer.
For more information, visit

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Anew Avon Face Cream Promises To Knock Off 5 Years In 2 Weeks

Anew Ultimate Night Gold Emulsion.

"Look 5 years younger in 14 days, or your money back!"

Okay, Avon, that's where we get disappointed. Sure, we adore the money back guarantee. But let's be honest.......there is no face cream on the planet that can knock off 5 years and make you look younger in 14 days.

And at the moment, this new Anew Avon beauty treatment is on sale for $29.00. A savings of $5.00.

So what's in this pretty, gold jar of youth cream magic?

According to the Avon Anew creators, these 2 ingredients make it happen:

Transcend time with a rare skin-strengthening fusion of patented Pro-Sirtuin TX and Gold Polypeptide technologies.

1.7 fl.oz.Pro-Sirtuin TX Technology is formulated to stimulate sirtuin youth proteins for healthier cells, and activate remodeling proteins to help restructure and strengthen skin.

Gold Polypeptide Complex is engineered to help replenish skin's moisture reserves and maintain its youthful structure.

If you visit the Avon website and look at the customer reviews, so far, women really like this new Anew Ultimate Night Gold Emulsion. "13 of 14 (93%) customers would recommend this product to a friend."

So there you have it. The Avon Anew beauty products are very popular around the world. The reviews we read, talked about firmer skin, complexion soft as silk, etc.

We certainly like the price on this new Anew Avon Face Cream. It lets all of us sample the goods. What we don't like, is that Avon is getting away with a pretty big claim of subtracting 5 years off your life. We wish it were that easy.