Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Anew Avon Face Cream Promises To Knock Off 5 Years In 2 Weeks

Anew Ultimate Night Gold Emulsion.

"Look 5 years younger in 14 days, or your money back!"

Okay, Avon, that's where we get disappointed. Sure, we adore the money back guarantee. But let's be honest.......there is no face cream on the planet that can knock off 5 years and make you look younger in 14 days.

And at the moment, this new Anew Avon beauty treatment is on sale for $29.00. A savings of $5.00.

So what's in this pretty, gold jar of youth cream magic?

According to the Avon Anew creators, these 2 ingredients make it happen:

Transcend time with a rare skin-strengthening fusion of patented Pro-Sirtuin TX and Gold Polypeptide technologies.

1.7 fl.oz.Pro-Sirtuin TX Technology is formulated to stimulate sirtuin youth proteins for healthier cells, and activate remodeling proteins to help restructure and strengthen skin.

Gold Polypeptide Complex is engineered to help replenish skin's moisture reserves and maintain its youthful structure.

If you visit the Avon website and look at the customer reviews, so far, women really like this new Anew Ultimate Night Gold Emulsion. "13 of 14 (93%) customers would recommend this product to a friend."

So there you have it. The Avon Anew beauty products are very popular around the world. The reviews we read, talked about firmer skin, complexion soft as silk, etc.

We certainly like the price on this new Anew Avon Face Cream. It lets all of us sample the goods. What we don't like, is that Avon is getting away with a pretty big claim of subtracting 5 years off your life. We wish it were that easy.

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