Saturday, July 25, 2009

Forever 21 To Debut First Ever Makeup Line In Fall

Forever 21 is ready to launch their first ever makeup line this fall! The popular, junior-sized retail clothing store wants to give young women good cosmetics at bargain prices.

So for all you recessionista-makeup or fashion junkies out there, this could be your deal. Some cosmetics snobs are turning their noses up at the concept of a Forever 21 makeup line. But we aren't laughing. Hopefully, the line could be as decent as drugstore brands.

Forever 21 has had recent successes with its new swimwear and plus size clothing lines.

And we wish we could find the quote Eva Longoria Parker gave to InStyle magazine a couple of years ago, when she said that shopping at Forever 21 was a guilty pleasure. Every gal loves a bargain, and Miss Eva is no exception.

Of course, Eva Longoria Parker is petite and very tiny and can easily fit into the junior-sized fashions at Forever 21, but there are also lots of no-size, super accessories there on the cheap-cheap. Like trendy scarves and sunglasses, and of course, fun jewelry at rock bottom prices. Come on.....if you can buy a pretty bangle bracelet or some nice chandelier earrings for $5, and it lasts the season, what's wrong with that?

We look forward to the lip glosses, foundations, eyeshadows, mascaras, and more, to launch this fall at Forever 21.
You can check out the shopping deals here at

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