Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Madonna's Bulging Veins And Biceps Gone Too Far?

We have to admit, this photo of Madonna in London returning home from dinner, snapped two evenings ago, freaked us out a bit. And apparently, that is the buzz all over the globe.

Has the 50-year-old superstar over-done it with the strenuous exercise routine she religiously sticks to, 2 hours a day, 6 days a week?!

There is a fine line between fit and toned arms, ladies. Critics says this has gone beyond the look of healthy and feminine. What we see now are bulging veins and too sinewy arms.

And the media is having a ball going after her. Headlines screaming for 'Madge' to quit the gym. Calling her a walking skeleton. Showing off stringy, muscular arms. And so on. Just brutal attention made to this beloved musical performer.

Some women might argue, that at least Madonna, the busy mother of 4, has little fat, and a whole lot of muscle. Who wants bat wings and soft, mushy arms, her supporters have been saying.

Both Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna share the same personal fitness trainer, Tracy Anderson.

And according to an item in the, Tracy Anderson suggests that Madonna is her star pupil and works out like a fiend, and still has maintained her feminine appeal:

"Madonna is an athlete. That's what I try to hammer into people's heads, people who criticise her for training two hours, six days a week. She's just like a baseball player or a soccer player.

"I don't have to scream at her because she's so motivated. She organises her time so she can train – she makes an appointment to do it and she keeps it, but two hours is the most she ever exercises in a day.

"Madonna will never look her age," Tracy Anderson insists. "She doesn't even look half her age – she looks 19."

By the way, Madonna is currently in London on her "Sticky & Sweet" tour.

To get some softer, but still fit, knock-out arms, check out an article we did last year on toning triceps and biceps.


Anonymous said...

sorry but that is not atractive. she really should give up the gym for a year.

The Author said...

Well, Madonna might have been in bodybuilding and body weights through all her years since she obtained such kind of bionic muscle toning more particularly her biceps and a protruding veins.

JimGG said...

Those arms r scarin the shit outta me, man!!!

premium nail files said...

good gracious?!!! that's not good looking and not that attractive neither