Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How To Plump Up Your Lips The Natural Way

Everyone seems to love plumper, fuller, sexier lips.

Actress Angelina Jolie probably has the most recognizable big lips in Hollywood. Maybe, too full.

If you're looking to plump up your lips, and want to forget the stinging needles of collagen in your dermatologist's office, you can try this:

Plump up your lips the natural way.

And all you need is one ingredient you can find in your grocery store aisle or natural food store.

You have a choice:
1. Peppermint oil
2. Cinnamon leaf oil

Each small bottle of oil will cost you about $5-$6.

In fact, if you look at some of the over-the-counter lip plumpers available, you will see the ingredients often list peppermint oil or cinnamon leaf oil. Both natural products set off a small allergic reaction that causes temporary swelling.

Even derms like David Bank of Mount Kisco, NY, advise women to "dab your pout with peppermint oil" for a natural way to plump lips.

But we would like to exercise some caution here. First, make sure you are not allergic to peppermint or cinnamon to begin with. And secondly, a tiny amount goes a long-ggggg way.

And be prepared for the burn!! We advice you to add the peppermint oil or cinnamon leaf oil to your favorite lip gloss or lip balm.

Do not add the oil directly to your naked lips, or you will feel the pain.

And it's as simple as that---plumper, fuller, sexier lips, at least temporarily.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cinema Secrets Sets Makeup In Matte Way For Hours

This is one little beauty tip product we will be buying soon.

We had never heard about Cinema Secrets Super Sealer ($10) until we noticed InStyle magazine make a mention of this unique beauty item in their Fall 2009 InStyle Makeover Issue.

Today, the humidity here is brutal, with temps reaching the high 80s. And it would be nice to have a matte way to keep makeup on and have it still look fresh a few hours later.

Believe it or not, Cinema Secrets Super Sealer comes from an online shopping website that sells theatrical and special FX makeup along with Halloween masks and costume cosmetics.

We took a look at learned this:

"Hollywood makeup guru Maurice Stein founded Cinema Secrets when he retired from showbiz to open a family owned and operated beauty, special FX and makeup supply store."

If anyone would know how to keep makeup on during a long theatrical performance or movie set, it would be Maurice Stein. So we are intrigued by the simplicity of CS's Super Sealer. Just a few spritzes and go!

This is what Cinema Secrets Super Sealer is designed to do:

1.Makeup Sealer: Great to use over any type of makeup to seal and protect makeup from the elements. Matte formula eliminates shine.
2.Sweat Stopper: Use prior to makeup applicaton as a sweat inhibitor.
3.Clothing Protection: Use Cinema Secrets Super Sealer as a protector from getting makeup on clothing like, collars, shoulder straps, and other clothing parts that come into contact with makeup.
4.Sealing Fluid: : Use Super Sealer instead of water for all water-applied foundations.

This little beauty product is economical at $10 and sounds like a genius product idea.

We are hoping it works for our uber oily skin.

You can also purchase this product at and other online shopping sites.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hula-Hoop Workout Blasts Belly Fat And Big Thighs

Ladies, it's time to 'hoop it up!'

We've talked a lot about jumping rope to stay fit and torch a bunch of calories. And now, it's time to hula-hoop.

In about 20 minutes, you can burn 200 calories. And most importantly, blast belly fat and big thighs. And develop a sexy butt.

And if you recall using a hula-hoop during your childhood years, then you know how much fun it can be.

This ain't your mama's neon pink hula-hoop. Modern Hoops are now fashioned with weights inside for the extra workout burn. Some hoops come with pretty bling and colors. And a few hoops are able to collapse to a smaller size for easy travel.

We like any easy exercise that whittles your waist. And Christabel Zamor has a new book out--- Hooping: A Revolutionary Fitness Program. She claims that if you hoop it up 4 times a week, in a month, your belly, butt, and thighs will look amazing.

Maybe some of you take hoop workout classes already.

Check out You can buy a professional hoop here for about $30. And the site explains the new modern style hula-hooping:

HoopGirl Hoops are constructed of heavy weight durable plastic tube which is thick and resilient. They are larger in size than "traditional" toy hoops which makes them rotate slower so they are easier to keep spinning. The fabric and vinyl tapes create friction so the hoop "sticks" to your hips very effectively. This allows many people who could never hoop to experience easy success!

And hooping is excellent exercise for all ages. In other words, size, sense of rythym, and age, have nothing to do with skill, when it comes to hooping.

There is also a website, that even shows you how to make your own hula hoop or to start your own hoop group in town.

As the old saying goes: "What goes around, comes around."

Happy Hula-Hooping!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Perfect Pedicure Beauty Tips To Last Through Summer

We are in the dog days of summer, and honestly, our precious feet take a beating. From callouses to blisters to un-pretty pedicures.....our feet tell the real story.

As we sit here with bright red, and chipping nail polish on our bare feet, we want to hide them under the rug.

But we found a few excellent and perfect pedicure beauty tips:

And this is one of our favs.

1. To get rid of a stubborn, yellow stain on your toes after wearing a dark nail shade, try scrubbing your toenails with a Tablespoon of Clorox diluted in a cup of water. Then rinse off and buff. (try for fingernails, too)

2. Smooth cuticles and dry feet with olive oil. It works beautifully to soften everything up. You can soak feet in some olive oil for a few minutes. Or you can even make a nice exfoliating paste.

We got this pedicure recipe from:

1/4 c sugar
2-3 tsps. olive oil

1 tsp. vanilla.
Mix into paste. Rub all over feet and keep on for a few minutes. Then rinse off in shower.

3. Remember: Going for a dark, sultry nail shade? Then be prepared for a long-gggger drying time. According to the experts, dark shades take almost twice as long to dry as light ones.

4. The tips of your toenails and fingernails are the first to peel, so you want to make that part the strongest. Add an extra little swipe of color and top coat across the tips of each nail.

5. It's summer, so get crazy with the colors. We like these brands: Nars. OPI. Dior.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

We're Loving Ted Gibson As New Hair Guru On What Not To Wear

If you know gorgeous celebrity hair, then you know the man behind those locks----Ted Gibson.

Anne Hathaway, who graces the photo with Ted here, is just one of his ultra-glam clientele. There are also Angelina Jolie, Joy Bryant, Zoe Saldana, and Debra Messing. All sexy-haired women.

We're enjoying Ted Gibson's new role as hair guru on the popular make-over TLC show 'What Not To Wear.'

Ted recently replaced stylist host for 7 years Nick Arrojo, who had taken a lot of criticism as of late, for always chopping women's long hair off, and always, so it seemed, giving the same short, layered in front hairstyle to women on the show, week after week. And of course, we forever noticed his obsession with the razor.

What we adore about Ted Gibson, is his gentle manner, and his patience with women who really want to keep their long hair. Ted finds a way to work around a dull hair routine. And so far, so good.

"I am extremely excited about joining the TLC/'What Not To Wear' family," says Gibson. "Being part of the beauty, style and fashion team of experts is an extension of what I do in my salons, at red-carpet events and on the covers of magazines. The biggest reward is helping women realize their potential beauty and encouraging them to be their best selves."

Friday, August 7, 2009

Enlyten Melt In Your Mouth: Like Gatorade On A Strip

We have found an unique set of exercise and diet supplements that can fit in the palm of your hand, and immediately melt in your mouth.

As the creators of Enlyten Electrolyte Plus like to say, 'It's like Gatorade on a strip.'

And it's so simple: Just take 1 strip out of the cassette, and pop it in your mouth. It melts on contact, and you quickly absorb all the good stuff that Enlyten Electrolyte Plus is feeding your body.

Plus zero calories and no sugar!!!

So what does each small, orange strip do for you?

Enlyten Electrolyte Plus Strips are engineered to pre-load your body with much-needed electrolytes prior to exercise to promote optimal physical performance. Electrolyte Plus Strips deliver fast and effective electrolytes to help maintain proper hydration and achieve peak muscle and nerve function!

Take a look at what's really in Enlyten Electrolyte Plus strips ($40, 4-pack. 22 strips per cassette. 4 cassettes in pack).

Let's face it. Just by placing a small strip on your tongue and absorbing all those key ingredients immediately illustrates how technically advanced Enlyten's delivery system is for your body.

And the creators haven't stopped there. Enlyten has more strips to keep you strong and healthy:

Antioxidant Strips. Enlyten Antioxidant Strips are formulated with some of the most scientifically proven antioxidant properties in the world.
Energy Strips. Enlyten Energy Strips provide a scientific blend of B and C vitamins, caffeine, ginseng and gingko biloba to leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and reenergized!
Melatonin Strips. Enlyten Melatonin Strips are designed with the perfect blend of melatonin and theanine to work in conjunction as a natural aid to reduce mental and physical stress and help you sleep better.
Appetite Suppressant Strips. Enlyten Appetite Suppressant Strips are formulated with ingredients that have been shown to decrease hunger and promote healthy weight management. Calorie Burner Strips. Enlyten Calorie Burner Strips are scientifically formulated to give your metabolism an all-natural boost.

For more information, visit:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Amazing What The Right Makeup And Hair Can Do For A Woman

Wow. That's all we have to say here.
We know the photo with the lady and the microphone is singing sensation Susan Boyle.

But be honest. Would you know that the photo of the glam woman with the chic clothing and hairstyle is also that of 48-year-old Susan Boyle?!

We did a double-take, and then a triple-take. My goodness. Like we've always said before.....a little makeup and pretty hair can make a huge difference in a woman's life. Huge! Just covering up dark, undereye circles and wearing a little lip gloss can speak volumes.

The photos were taken of the Britain's Got Talent star for the September issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine. On newsstands August 18th.

Susan Boyle, the Scotland native who lives with her cat, Pebbles, was excited to pose for Harper's and to get made-up and glam. Back in April, Susan received her first makeover with a more fashionable wardrobe, darker locks, and thinner eyebrows.

And now these amazing photos with Harper's Bazaar, have her looking younger, slender, and so attractive. But Susan hasn't gone in for the real Hollywood makeover yet, and has some reservations:

"Maybe I'll consider a makeover later on," she said a few days before showing off her new look. "For now I'm happy the way I am -- short and plump. I would not go in for Botox or anything like that. I'm content with the way I look. What's wrong with looking like Susan Boyle? What's the matter with that?"

Watch the behind-the-scenes video of Susan Boyle's Harper's Bazaar photo shoot here: