Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cinema Secrets Sets Makeup In Matte Way For Hours

This is one little beauty tip product we will be buying soon.

We had never heard about Cinema Secrets Super Sealer ($10) until we noticed InStyle magazine make a mention of this unique beauty item in their Fall 2009 InStyle Makeover Issue.

Today, the humidity here is brutal, with temps reaching the high 80s. And it would be nice to have a matte way to keep makeup on and have it still look fresh a few hours later.

Believe it or not, Cinema Secrets Super Sealer comes from an online shopping website that sells theatrical and special FX makeup along with Halloween masks and costume cosmetics.

We took a look at http://store.cinemasecretsonline.com/index.html learned this:

"Hollywood makeup guru Maurice Stein founded Cinema Secrets when he retired from showbiz to open a family owned and operated beauty, special FX and makeup supply store."

If anyone would know how to keep makeup on during a long theatrical performance or movie set, it would be Maurice Stein. So we are intrigued by the simplicity of CS's Super Sealer. Just a few spritzes and go!

This is what Cinema Secrets Super Sealer is designed to do:

1.Makeup Sealer: Great to use over any type of makeup to seal and protect makeup from the elements. Matte formula eliminates shine.
2.Sweat Stopper: Use prior to makeup applicaton as a sweat inhibitor.
3.Clothing Protection: Use Cinema Secrets Super Sealer as a protector from getting makeup on clothing like, collars, shoulder straps, and other clothing parts that come into contact with makeup.
4.Sealing Fluid: : Use Super Sealer instead of water for all water-applied foundations.

This little beauty product is economical at $10 and sounds like a genius product idea.

We are hoping it works for our uber oily skin.

You can also purchase this product at http://www.getyourbeauty.com/ and other online shopping sites.


SU & FRank said...

My boyfriend and I both have very oily skin too! Thankx for this post. At 10 bux, we have nothing to lose. Luv that it comes froma creepy Halloween type shop...LOL

Anonymous said...

Actually, while Cinema Secrets does sell costumes and special effects makeup, they also have their own line of fashion cosmetics--all of which are absolutely fabulous. While they do sell their product online, there is a store in Burbank, California that sells all of their products. I know from experience--their foundation and eye shadows are the only brand I keep in my makeup box because they are so great.