Saturday, August 8, 2009

We're Loving Ted Gibson As New Hair Guru On What Not To Wear

If you know gorgeous celebrity hair, then you know the man behind those locks----Ted Gibson.

Anne Hathaway, who graces the photo with Ted here, is just one of his ultra-glam clientele. There are also Angelina Jolie, Joy Bryant, Zoe Saldana, and Debra Messing. All sexy-haired women.

We're enjoying Ted Gibson's new role as hair guru on the popular make-over TLC show 'What Not To Wear.'

Ted recently replaced stylist host for 7 years Nick Arrojo, who had taken a lot of criticism as of late, for always chopping women's long hair off, and always, so it seemed, giving the same short, layered in front hairstyle to women on the show, week after week. And of course, we forever noticed his obsession with the razor.

What we adore about Ted Gibson, is his gentle manner, and his patience with women who really want to keep their long hair. Ted finds a way to work around a dull hair routine. And so far, so good.

"I am extremely excited about joining the TLC/'What Not To Wear' family," says Gibson. "Being part of the beauty, style and fashion team of experts is an extension of what I do in my salons, at red-carpet events and on the covers of magazines. The biggest reward is helping women realize their potential beauty and encouraging them to be their best selves."

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Darlene2Florida said...

Luvvin Ted Gibson + wish he cd do my hair!! Gotta crush on him.