Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bethenny Frankel Takes 'Skinnygirl' Empire To More Intimate Level

You either love Bethenny Frankel or you hate her. But whatever the case, you have to admit, she is one smart 'skinnygirl'!

The former NY City Housewife cast member has left her gal-pals in the dust, by building on her skinnygirl brand, and taking the clever label to a whole, new multi-million-dollar level. This is what she recently told CNN:

"I joined the cast of Real Housewives exclusively for business. I had a column in Health magazine and was a spokesperson for Pepperidge Farm. But I wanted to build a large national audience for my Skinnygirl brand."

First, it was the Skinnygirl best-seller diet books. Then the yummy Skinnygirl margaritas and cocktails, sold for an estimated $120 million! More new Skinnygirl books, a Skinnygirl sangria, the launching of a budget-friendly Skinnygirl skin care line, plus this:

Bethenny's Skinnygirl Smoothers n' Shapers.....oh yeah, Victoria's Secret and Spanx, watch out!

Bethenny Frankel is a very savvy businesswoman. She just started selling her Skinnygirl intimate apparel on last Saturday, plus, she had stopped by the Tonight Show to model her Skinnygirl camisole to Jay Leno. And it's selling like hot-cakes.

And we want one----the Skinnygirl Lace Shaping Cupped Cami ($29) and the Skinnygirl Lace Shaping Brief ($18.50). In colors: Black, Bone, Champagne, and Smoke.

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