Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jennifer Lopez Gives O Mag Glimpse Into New JLo Kohl's Fashion Line

Sexy and modern.

That's how superstar Jennifer Lopez wants women to feel when they put on a piece of fashion from the singer's new clothing collection at Kohl's this September.

The Kohl's JLo style is being featured in the September issue of O magazine. You get a glimpse of the glamorous Lopez influence that will be launching across the country in Kohl's dept. stores.

Originally, JLo and husband Marc Anthony were going to debut a lifestyle dept. together at Kohl's. But, since recent news of a split-up with divorce on the way, we're not sure if her ex will also continue with his own Kohl's venture.

Meantime, Jennifer Lopez is not looking back. The womenswear collection is definitely on. As far as the home furnishings by JLo, we're not sure yet if that will also launch.

Hey, it's all good! You can smell like JLo with her gazillion JLo fragrances, look like JLo with her new clothing line, and hopefully, decorate your home like JLo, too.

1 comment:

MissJaymes said...

That stuff doesn't look that appealing.
Enuf, JLO!
How much $$$ can you keep grabbing out of people's purses.
Isn't the Idol payday big enuf for you????