Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vanessa Hudgens Beaming With New Short Boy Haircut

When a great movie role calls for an actress wearing a really short, shaggy hairstyle, she has two options:

1. Chop the hair off.
2. Wear a wig for the role.

Vanessa Hudgens chose the more courageous path....She let them chop off her very long dark locks into a short, boy haircut.

We didn't think the young, popular actress would let them near her hair, but boy, were we wrong! And the final result----amazing! We think Vanessa Hudgens looks better in short hair. Take a look at Vanessa rockin' the new cut at a surfing competition in Huntington Beach, California.

The actress will star in an upcoming movie called, 'Gimme Shelter.' And for the role, she had to get down and gritty. The flick is about a pregnant homeless teen (Hudgens) who flees her abusive mother (Rosario Dawson) and seeks out her biological father.

"The tattoo, the hair, the clothes, the piercings, the attitude, the everything,” she tells PEOPLE. “The walk, the talk … it was a completely new person. I really did look like a boy.”

We think this boy cut is very pretty on 22-year-old Vanessa. Plus, she gained 10 lbs. for the movie role.

It's an edgy cut and great for summer. The crazy thing is, Vanessa claims she cut her OWN hair, to give it that gritty, urban vibe. Hey, our suggestion....If you love this hairstyle, just bring a photo of it to your hairdresser, and go from there. Don't attempt this on your own. And maybe, Vanessa let a pro finish the cut AFTER she took a scissors to her long locks.

We think it's a super change for Vanessa Hudgens. She's a very petite girl with a small face, and this choppy boy cut brings out her beautiful features. It's bold and makes her look mature. We didn't even recognize the actress at first.

Hollywood seems, too often, to get caught up in this very long, extension-type hairstyle, the one seen on all 3 Kardashian sisters, Guiliana Rancic, and Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell. It's the same, copy-cat do with ultra-long waves covering the bosom.

Vanessa Hudgens' new look is quite refreshing, and she's getting noticed for it.


layla said...

Sorry but that hair is gross on Vanessa and I believe she did cut it herself. Maybe if it was blond it would look cuter.

Anonymous said...

UGH!!!!!Not pretty in the least. Hurry get the extensions back on!!