Sunday, August 7, 2011

Olay Acne Control Face Wash Welcome Product On Hot Steamy Days

Hot, steamy days can equal clogged pores and bad skin. And the worst complexion nightmare---acne.


Can't stand the high humidity levels that have been baking the country in a thick layer of greasiness.

And the weather doesn't just affect our oily skin girls. Even dry-skin friends are screaming for some bad skin/acne relief.

We found something that will keep you clean and clear:

Olay's Acne Control Face Wash ($5.94, on sale at ULTA.) This is a strong facial cleanser that attacks the grime and greasies with a dual-hydroxy complex containing salicylic acid. It goes deep to unclog those pores, but won't strip your skin. It smells great, and it's gentle enough to be used daily. And best of all.....It keeps the acne away!

Love the pump dispenser and the nice lather Olay has developed for this effective facial cleanser. The formula really works, and we think you'll be pleased. Of course, we adore salicylic acid because it soaks up the greasies and performs nicely as an exfoliator, and doesn't harm sensitive skin.