Thursday, August 11, 2011

Judge Rules: Christian Louboutin Does Not Own Exclusive Rights To Red Sole Shoes

Talk about feeling red-in-the-face!

Christian Louboutin, the French shoe designer who created the famous red-soled shoes in 1992, has just lost round one in his lawsuit against rival Yves St. Laurent. And round two doesn't look any better.

A judge yesterday told the celebrity footwear designer, that his bid to block the YSL fashion house from selling shoes with his signature red sole had failed.

Manhattan federal Judge Victor Marrero has also scheduled a hearing for next week, to consider cancellation of Christian Louboutin's 2008 trademark on his red soled shoes.

Double ouch!

In other words, Mr. Louboutin, you don't OWN the color red.

We're not sure how all the Louboutin fans will feel about this day in court. Jennifer Lopez adores the signature red soles so much. Remember her hit single two years ago, 'Louboutins'?

The shoe designer was quite flattered by the song. In fact, he was asked how many times JLo dropped the 'L'word in the single:

"That would be 45. Trust me, I've counted!" Louboutin said.

Surely, Christian Louboutin does not OWN the color red. But let's be honest, YSL knows darn well, that the trademark soles were not YSL's idea.

Those distinctive, sexy soles, are pure Louboutin all the way. And YSL can keep on coloring their shoes red underneath, but we think the true fans will not jump the Louboutin ship.

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