Thursday, December 8, 2011

Popular British Nip+Fab Skin Care Line Arrives at Target

Just last May, we were writing about a popular, new skin care line that British beauties were raving about:


And now, the skin care collection that had long waiting lists for their SOLD-OUT wrinkle creams in the U.K., has launched the brand right here in the U.S.. And all you have to do is visit your neighborhood Target store.

Plus, Nip+Fab is really fab when it comes to affordability. Prices range from $5 to $19. And the skin care line includes 20 products for the face and body----from cellulite-busting cream to dark circle serum and more.

The most popular Nip+Fab item that British women claim hides wrinkles, is their Nip+Fab Frown Fix, a Botox copy-cat. This is a gel-based, firming topical cream. Read on:

We found this interesting article online at the UK's Daily Mail:

"The cream, which the company says is 'clinically proven' to reduce lines and wrinkles by up to 50 per cent, contains Grant X, a natural alternative to Botox.

While the cream was initially designed as a wrinkle filler - to sit in expression lines and minimise their appearance like a posh Pollyfilla - users found the cream had a cumulative line-reducing effect, with fine lines and wrinkles being significantly reduced over time.

The product is said to work thanks to muscle relaxing properties, collagen synthesis stimulation, and a light-diffusing action that hides and softens wrinkles."

By the way, a tube of Nip+Fab Frown Fix costs 10.25 in British Pounds or $16.67 in US Dollars. Not a bad price.

But an even BETTER price here in the states. We found a tube of Nip+Fab Frown Fix for just $9.95 at Target.

Can you say, another beauty stocking stuffer?


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