Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Famous Celebrity Blondes Going For Bangs In Spring 2012

We discussed the big bangs trend just a few weeks ago. But lately, there's been a change we've noticed:

More and more celebrity blondes are going in for the cut. It looks like the blonde bangs brigade is here. Just take a look at the latest flaxen-haired trio who have opted for some pretty fringe:

Christie Brinkley. Jennifer Lawrence. And Taylor Swift.

Then there is Reese Witherspoon. Rihanna. Anna Faris. Hilary Duff.....And the blondes with bangs who's who goes on.

Gotta love the fringe. You can hide forehead wrinkles and high foreheads with bangs. Your eyes instantly look BIGGER with bangs. And if you suffer from thin, scraggly eyebrows, bangs can cover them, and your problem disappears.

So then, the question begs: Are you in some fringe for Spring?

Remember---there are all kinds of bangs. You can get longer, softer, curved bangs like Jennifer Lawrence of the 'Hunger Games'. Not severe or too heavy. You can side-part or middle-part the fringe when you want a change. Plus long bangs don't take forever to grow out.

1 comment:

Yallie said...

Imight do the bangs thing-on the fence about it.I'm blonde and these girls look hot!Cannot beleive that Christy Brinkley is 58!OMG!