Saturday, April 7, 2012

Get With Kate: Skip Foundation And Still Look Great!

Kate Winslet.

We really like this Academy Award-winning actress, not only for her amazing performances but also for her unassuming attitude and her not-try-so-hard beauty.

Kate Winslet is quite stunning, and proves that you don't have to be skeletal to get attention.

Here is a photo of the British beauty at the recent movie premier of Titanic 3D held at the Royal Albert Hall. The Lancome cosmetics ambassador stands out in an elegant black gown. She is wearing a bobby-pinned updo and understated makeup with the exception of soft red lips.

And interesting to note, we just read that Kate Winslet is not a foundation kind of gal. This is what she told InStyle magazine in the April issue:

"Since I don't wear heavy makeup...I opt for tinted moisturizer instead. It's not as dark as foundation, and it gives my skin a lovely sheen.

Kate must have really nice skin because it isn't easy getting away with merely tinted moisturizer as base coverage. But we have found a number of women DO prefer what Kate does, and SKIP the foundation.

Kate likes putting on her fave Lancome Renergie Eclat Multi-Lift Cream ($75/1.4 oz., at The Multi-Lift tinted moisturizer comes in 4 universal shades and delivers instant illumination to the complexion and tightening and smoothing skin.

We're not sure everyone could afford a $75 tinted moisturizer, but you can still get with Kate and put on a less expensive cream and still look great.

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Anonymous said...

So pretty.

Just perfect in my book.

Love Kate Winslet!