Saturday, April 28, 2012

Do You Do Distressed Denim? It's Boho-Hot!


That's the word for denim at the moment. You can wear 'em faded, frayed, beaten-up, or just a bit worn-in, when it comes to your jean jacket or denim vest.

A few tears and rips, and you're looking as hot as Rihanna in her Acne distressed jacket.

It's super boho-chic, especially when you pair it with a lovely maxi dress.

The only fashion danger we see is going to the extreme, where Rihanna as sexy as she is, is just a couple of steps from hobo status. You don't want to let your distressed denim get to the point of too falling apart.....Just saying.

We found a cool distressed vest by M2F ($128, at Free People Boutique. We love the raw edges around the armholes (bottom photo).

If this is too high a pricetag for a denim vest, you could 'distress' your own with a razor, knife, scissors, and/or some bleach. Lots of people do their own distressing, and do it very well.

Good luck!

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Anonymous said...

Ghetto-fabulous, Ri-Ri!