Monday, April 16, 2012

Restylane To The Rescue For Sagging Damaged Earlobe

This morning on GMA there was a segment on earlobe repair and how plastic surgeons can restore a sagging, damaged earlobe.

Maybe some of you have been there. We have. Twice now---we've had our pierced earlobes 'surgically repaired.' On both occasions, the pierced holes had become long and split right down the earlobe. Not attractive.

Before the earlobe splits, however, you CAN do something to fix the cosmetic situation. Look at the photos. You can see the vertical tearing to the lobe in the BEFORE photo. And then the normal-sized pierced hole in the AFTER shot.

Instead of costly and time-consuming surgery, a dermatologist or plastic surgeon can quickly plump up your earlobes with a couple of shots of Restylane---the same popular injectable used to add volume to sagging facial features.

Wearing heavy, long earrings can often lead to sagging, torn earlobes. And when we age, our earlobes do, too, because they do not have the firm tissue found on other parts of the body. So, even creases can form on the earlobes with time. That's why a filler like Restylane can add a fullness to the lobe so that earrings sit high and pretty, instead of drooping downward.

Allan E. Wulc, a suburban Philadelphia plastic surgeon, appears to be the first cosmetic expert to have invented earlobe restoration by Restalyne. He's been injecting lobes with the dermal filler since 2006. And his careful injections do not disrupt the pierced hole. In fact, the vertical elongation of a pierced ear can be improved.

"I do think we will get results up to a year, but would hope that it would be longer," says Dr. Wulc."In general, I add Restylane everywhere I feel it is needed in the face. The earlobes are injected at the end of the procedure, when most of the other areas have been rejuvenated. In general, we send patients home immediately after the injection with their earrings on. We clean them first and place antibiotic ointment on the earlobe.".

Before you submit to earlobe surgery, ask around for a doctor who is familiar with earlobe restoration by Restylane. It's quick and painless. NO downtime. We wish we had known about it BEFORE our lobes had split down the middle.

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