Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Brits Say Kate Middleton's Eyebrows Too Thick And Harsh: Are You Kidding Us?!

We cannot imagine living in the royal fishbowl. Poor Kate Middleton! The Duchess of Cambridge is being 'plucked' quite painfully today in the British publication, the Daily Mail.

Apparently, a number of women are disappointed not in the way the future queen is dressing for public events, but in the way Kate is 'dressing' her brows, supposedly TOO dark, thick and harsh.

So, we would beg to ask---What's wrong with Kate's brows?!

Please look at the photos above. The DailyMail has posted these at their online publication.

Top Photo shows Kate AFTER enjoying life as a new bride and gracefully carrying out her role in the royal hierarchy.
Bottom Photo shows Kate BEFORE as a college student, prior to her marriage to Prince William.

DailyMail columnist Liz Jones wrote this about the Duchess of Cambridge:

...."Kate’s brows have grown exponentially since her student days at the University of St Andrews, as you can clearly see if you compare pictures of her then and now. It is as if Monty Don has been tending them with some sort of magical mulch and a lawn-edger.

"Were they pencilled, inked, tattooed? Or (now here’s a thought) could they be a brand new trend the glossies haven’t even come up with yet: a brow extension, a sort of furry wig for those brunette beauties who can’t grow their own?..."


How cruel can people be?!

We've always admired Kate Middleton's fresh-faced beauty with her natural, full brows, glossy brunette locks, bright smile, and classic makeup look.

Every makeup artist who knows the score, will always remind you that fuller brows = youth. And we ALWAYS refer to the makeup legend herself, Sandy Linter:

Thin brows are the biggest mistake she sees women make, time and time again. "I don’t like overly thin, trying to be perfect brows," Sandy Linter says. "I like a fuller, more natural looking brow. It is not an L.A. brow, but more like a ‘model’s brow. Look at the models (not the actresses) in the magazines, for correct brow shapes."

And the world's best known eyebrow shaper, Anastasia Soare, would agree:

"Most of us look younger with fuller brows and a soft arch," Anastasia explained to Lady's Home Journal.

And like Sandy, Anastasia believes, if you don't have good brows, pencil them in! Anastasia says, to keep the brows looking natural, try using short, hairlike strokes. Then comb through your brows with a clean mascara brush to blend the color evenly across the length of the brow.

You can try the Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil ($22, at Anastasia). It comes with a built-in brush.

Meantime, here across the pond, we haven't seen one mention of bad brows for Kate Middleton. In fact, we all seem to admire the future queen and her effortless beauty.

Okay, readers, you take a look. Is there anything wrong with Kate's brows?

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Anonymous said...

Nope.LUV Kate's brows--the whole look!Good story.