Friday, June 1, 2012

Ciate Caviar Mani: Sprinkles Stay Put As Long As Hands Are Idle


Eye candy for your nails!

It's called the Caviar Mani and it's the hot trend straight from across the pond. The Ciate nail company based in London created the 3-D manicure, which is named after its resemblance to Caviar eggs.

When we look at the Caviar mani, we think immediately of an ice cream cone dipped in sprinkles.

We're probably too old to be running around with a Caviar mani, but we think this nail trend is sexy/glam for summer.

You can find the Ciate Caviar Mani kit at Sephora for $25, in Rainbow, Mother-of-Pearl, or Black Pearls. Our fave is the rainbow kit:

2-step Caviar Mani
1. Nail Polish in Strawberry Milkshake
2. Pearlescent Beads in Rainbow

And if you're all thumbs, don't worry, this is not that hard to do. Just paint on the sticky base coat. Gently sprinkle your polish with the Caviar Pearls and seal in the manicure across the free edge with a gleaming top coat to create a decadent 3-D finish.

There's something very appealing about the Caviar mani. How adorable are these tiny, elegant sprinkles?!

Our only advice:
Eventually, these sprinkles go airborne....You will find them in your food, in your hair, when you wash your hands, etc. So, enjoy the 3-D manicure while it lasts.

It's best to let the Caviar mani dry for the recommended 15-20 mins., and best to apply the manicure just before heading out the door, that way you savor each little pearlescent bead. If you start using your hands too much, the sprinkles WILL start flying.

Our beauty conclusion:
The Ciate Caviar Mani is tres chic, even for just a few hours.

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