Sunday, June 10, 2012

The NY Times Has Finally Noticed That Blunt Bangs Are Back...LOL!

The New York Times is a highly regarded publication, and with good reason.

But we had to chuckle when the newspaper printed an article last Thursday, announcing that Bangs are back!....LOL.... The title to the feature story was catchy, we admit--- 'The Forehead Is the New Canvas.

A lot of beauty/style websites are having a good laugh over the months behind article by the NY Times. For anyone that follows trends or writes about beauty/fashion on and on, each day, well, it's old news.

For quite a few months now, we've all been talking about bangs, the bluntness, and how Hollywood beauties are covering their eyebrows these days. There's Jessica Biel sporting her own full, curved fringe. And she's been maintaining this cool look for several months now.

Some people are not wild about the blunt, heavy bangs, but we think Jessica looks gorgeous no matter what hairstyle she wears. Just look at those killer cheekbones! Plus, new fiance Justin Timberlake apparently likes her sexy do.

The Times article does say that full fringe does NOT go with curly hair But if you do have a straight mane, let your face shape be your determining factor, according to Johnny Lavoy, a hair stylist and a consulting hair expert for L’OrĂ©al Paris:

...."Even if your mane has the requisite swing, stylists still recommend using face shape as a guide. An oval face can handle almost any sort of bang. Round faces are said to look better with longer, sideswept bangs. Square faces may also benefit from sideswept bangs, with a slight part instead of a curtain of hair straight across the forehead. On long faces, a softer, lengthy fringe is typically most flattering.

"And those with heart-shaped faces are encouraged to embrace their inner fashion editor with bold, heavy bangs or, as Mr. Lavoy reverentially calls them, “Anna Wintour bangs."

Thank you, New York Times. Better late than never.

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