Monday, June 4, 2012

Would You Pay $29 For The Perfect Eyebrow Pencil/Shaper?


Are you crazy?! For an eyebrow pencil/shaper?!

Well, it is by Dior, and it is actually a universal brow styler with an ultra-fine tip. That means this universal brown WILL flatter women of every skin tone and hair color. And if the folks at Dior are claiming this, we believe them.

Just look at the customer feedback at Nordstrom's. Dior's Diorshow Brow Styler received a 4.7 out of a 5-star rating.

If your brows are thin, just filling them in a bit, will bring more definition to your face, beautifully framing your eyes. If you don't have thick brows, that's okay, too. You don't want to draw in a big, full set, because it will look fake and distract from the purpose of the brow styler. Go with what you've got, and just add a subtle, few hair-like strokes to recreate what nature never gave you, or what you had plucked away for years.

If you over-tweeze, well, we've warned you several articles ago, it takes a long time to grow them back, and after age 40, some eyebrow hairs never return.

Generally speaking, it takes up to 4 months for your brows to grow in fully.

By the way, we have found, unscientifically, that rubbing in some prescription Retin-A over the brows a few nights a week helps them grow, albeit--- slowly. Patience is a virtue in the eyebrow world.