Monday, June 25, 2012

Toss This Little Mac Into Your Beach Bag And Go!

We don't need to warn anyone about the dangers of the sun's rays. We've all been told, again and again, and yet, many of us still lie out there and tan.

But there are ways to play safely, and here's a little cutie for your beach bag:

MAC's, Hey, Sailor! Suntints SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balm ($16, at and fine dept. stores). Yes, the packaging of this one is super sweet and nautical.

These sheer balms help protect your kissable lips from the sun, surf, salt, and those balmy breezes.

But MAC's Hey, Sailor! Suntints are hard to find----SOLD OUT at the MAC website for the moment. Not available at Macy's, either.

We did locate a tube at

By the way, Ebay is selling a number of MAC's new Suntints at much higher prices, but when a gal needs her MAC fix, well, you gotta do what you gotta do, we suppose. Would you shell out $24.99 for this $16 MAC Hey, Sailor! balm?!

The Suntints come in 3 limited edition shades:

Abalone....a light pink gloss.

Au Rose...a medium pink gold shimmer gloss.

Sea Mist..a pale beige with a white shimmer.

So, the question begs, are these very pretty, but very sheer MAC lip balms effective under the powerful searing rays?

Maybe not as much, unless you put another SPF lip balm on BEFORE you slick on your MAC.

Lip Gloss Can Invite Skin Cancer. That was the headline a few years ago. And although MAC's Suntints are lip balms, they are made with a liquid gloss-type formula.

We still believe that the MAC Hey, Sailor balm at 20 SPF is great to toss into your beach bag. We'd just add another layer of balm underneath to reach a 30 SPF, as dermatologists advise.

Hey, no beauty product is perfect to protect you from the sun, but there are ways to still play safely.

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