Thursday, February 5, 2015

Is New 2015 S.I. Swimsuit Cover Showing Way Too Much Or Have We All Become Naked-De-Sensitized?!

For some strange reason, we were MORE alarmed by Hannah Davis' sexy cover for Sports Illustrated's new 2015 swimsuit issue, than Kim Kardashian's recent Paper Magazine full frontal lay-out and naked butt cover. See the KK photo reveal here.


We're not sure.

We have seen Kim Kardashian take so many selfies and appear in tons of super sexy, almost nude pics, that we got used to seeing Kim unclothed. NOT so shocking anymore. It appears as though we have become a naked-de-sensitized society, for lack of a better phrase.

And KK is NOT alone. More + more celebs are posing nearly naked, and it seems as if the envelope has been pushed to the brink.

As far as S.I.'s gorgeous Hannah Davis's major bikini plunge, well, er, it looks almost vulgar. Or are we alone in that thought?

We can clearly see that Hannah gets a Brazlian wax. Isn't this TMI or too much information?

We will leave it at that......

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