Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My, My Milani! Good, Cheap Mascara Less Than $6!

We LOVE mascara. Period. We don't care if it is super high end or just plain, cheap drugstore--We will try it.

Today, we are looking at Milani Cosmetic's inexpensive Total Lash Cover Mascara ($5.49, at CVS).

Hey, it's NOT rocket science, ladies It's a tube of mascara. You're either going to LOVE the formula and/or wand-brush
or you simply won't.

Total Lash Cover has a 3-pronged beauty attack:

Provides multi-performance coverage with a 3 zone brush that defines, builds and curls lashes.
  • Zone 1:  Define - Inner and outer lashes
  • Zone 2:  Build - Center lashes
  • Zone 3:  Curl - Comb Applicator
This long-lasting, non-clumping formula feels comfortable for all day wear.

Milani does a great job at providing solid, inexpensive makeup. And this is a cheap mascara worth trying.

You should have several mascaras on hand to switch it up and experiment with volume, length + staying power.

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