Thursday, February 12, 2015

Love You, Uma: But This Parisienne Makeup Isn't Chic On Anyone!

As women, it is easy to be critical of other women.

Of course, it is NOT nice and NOT right, but when it comes to physical appearance, women tend to judge OTHER women so harshly.

Now let's bring in much beloved actress Uma Thurman. .

Here is the pretty blond star at  a NYC premiere a couple of days ago. Take a long look:

It's called effortless Parisienne chic.....a more natural-looking makeup  minus mascara, according to pro artist Troy Surratt.

Hmmm. Well, we don't find the look tres chic on anyone unless perhaps under the age of 30?

This red carpet cosmetics boo-boo just goes to show you how important eye makeup is to the beauty + balance of the face.

Now, if Uma had a cool-lined eye with a bit of mascara on, then she would have slayed most at the premiere, but this is incomplete if you will.

And the poor thing has been struck with tons of critical bows + arrows, accused of being botoxed + full of filler along with talk of recent plastic surgery.

Uma was a guest on the Today show this morning. She wasn't upset with all the slams about her effortless Parisienne chic look. She took it all in stride.

Check her reaction here at the 2:16 minute mark.

Here's what Uma usually looks like with a full set of makeup on:

What do you think?

Mr. Surratt was surprised by the backlash and wanted to try a different makeup appraoch:

"I wanted to give Uma a statement lip balanced by a more feathered brow," he explains. "Uma and I discussed creating a look that was more editorial with soft natural lashes. As a makeup artist I’ve grown a bit tired of all of the lash-y looks and fake eyelashes that we’ve been seeing on the red carpet for some time now."

Can Uma get away with zero eye makeup + bold lips on the red carpet?


Anonymous said...

too plain looking anyway. she needs tons of make-up to even look half-ass decent.

mrs. G said...

To answer your question--
No, Uma can not get away without mascara onthe red carpet.