Friday, February 13, 2015

Un-Retouched 2013 Photo Of Cindy Crawford Surfaces: This Is Real Life

Iconic model Cindy Crawford turns 49-years-old this February 20th.

Still in great shape and a mother-of-two.

But now an un-retouched 2013 magazine lay-out photo has surfaced of the sexy star, and it is causing a lot of BUZZ.

As we've all learned by now, photo-shopping is a very useful tool in the advertising world. Pretty + perfect sell lots of things. So do young + barely wrinkled.

That is why models have a short shelf life when it comes to their careers.

Cindy has broken all the rules. She has never needed an expiration date.

But take a look at REAL Cindy Crawford from 2013 in a photo shoot for fashion mag Marie Claire. This pic had NOT been photo-shopped and wasn't supposed to be leaked out.

Well, we think Cindy Crawford remains a sexy girl, and appears human for goodness sakes. She's got a healthy, slim, toned body. What's there not to love?!

We like seeing un-retouched photos because they display the realness of a human being. As stunning as Cindy has ALWAYS been, she is in fact, a real person with real imperfections like everyone else on the planet.

But don't feel too badly about Cindy's un-retouched photo, because she is part owner of the successful skin care line Meaningful Beauty, which pulls in a reported $100m a year.

Cindy said this about aging to Women's Wear Daily:

"Beauty changes as I get older. I've always found that beauty and confidence are synonymous. If you feel confident, that's what people see.

"I always tell people to fake it until they make it."


DANAd. said...

Yay CINDY! Best super-model ever!!

Anonymous said...

These models think theyr going to be hot forever. Time to zip it up Cindy. You;ve had a good run! LOLz