Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Brit Stylist Scolds Duchess Kate For Showing Gray Roots Even While Pregnant

The Duchess of Cambridge is only 33, and yet is GRAYING fast!

Oh, Kate, we feel your pain! We started getting dreaded gray roots in our mid-20s.

But when you're in the public eye and a royal, ALL eyes + cameras are on you. Plus, when you have brunette hair color, gray roots are so much more apparent. It ain't easy, Kate.

And now big mouth Brit stylist Nicky Clarke is scolding the proud new mama for even allowing her grays to be seen back in February while she was expecting Princess baby Charlotte.

Who is Nicky Clarke?

The famous stylist who tended to the lovely head of Princess Diana.

This is what he told the DailyMail.

"Kate needs to get rid of her grey hair — it’s not a good look," he told the publication at his Mayfair salon.

"She does have amazing things done to her hair and it can look great, but unfortunately it’s the case for women — all women — that until you’re really old, you can’t be seen to have any grey hairs."

Kind of harsh, eh?

We have a pricey way to CONCEAL those pesky gray roots, and the Duchess can afford this, we are sure.

This one is by Rita Hazan, celeb stylist NYC ($25, at ULTA).

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jk234 said...

Wow. Who knew? I love gossip like this- brings even the royals down a peg.