Monday, July 20, 2015

Cindy Crawford's Laid-Back Lake Style: Sexy Long Flannel Shirt

No one does SEXY better than Cindy Crawford

There's the iconic model at a family vacation get-away posing for a photo with the amazing lake backdrop and wearing just husband Rande's long flannel shirt + some cute boots.


Great legs, and at age 49, keeping it together.

We're not sure what state Cindy + family are visiting, but lake life looks good!

If you want to COPY Cindy's laid-back style but don't want to borrow your boyfriend's or husband's long flannel shirt, you CAN buy a chick's flannel shirt.

It's a CLASSIC Americana look and lots of celebs LOVE their flannel shirts, even in summer wrapped around their waist or during a cool evening breeze.

We found some SEXY flannel here at NastyGal ($48).