Friday, July 31, 2015

Happy Birthday To Me? Gisele Turns 35 And Buzz Continues About Secret Plastic Surgery Paris Visit

This story has legs, just like the supermodel herself, Gisele Bundchen.

The buzz will NOT die down on the alleged secret plastic surgery visit to Paris this week for a reported 2-combo deal---eye lift + breast lift.

Price tag---$11,000.

Hmmm. That sounds kinda CHEAP for both procedures at a tony Paris plastic surgery center. BUT------

Apparently, the tabloid press continues to have a field day over Gisele + her sister arriving together at the clinic wearing black burqas to disguise themselves from head-to-toe.

Also, observant reporters note the same limo driver the supermodel always uses, was shown undisguised dropping the sisters off in Paris. Plus----Gisele was photograped with the same backpack she's usually seen with, etc. etc.

Gisele just turned 35 on July 20th. Maybe this is a "Happy Birthday to me gift?"

Here she is from her Instagram account about 2 weeks ago.

Who are we to judge. She is a great model who has recently retired from the runway.

She seems too young at 35 to need cosmetic enhancement, BUT---don't be fooled ladies + gentlemen; other models have had major work done to get where they are. Simple. Period.

Beauty is NOT always as if to the manor born. And Gisele would NOT be the first model to repair or enhance her striking face + body.

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