Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How To Get Shiny Healthy Hair Like Salma Hayek

Actress Salma Hayek is an exotic beauty, and at age 42, she's doing something right.

We especially like her shiny, healthy hair!!!

She is pictured here at the recent book-launching party for Good to Great Hair by Robert Vetica in Hollywood.

Robert Vetica and Salma Hayek put out the book together, and she serves as the cover girl for the how-to on beautiful hair. Good to Great Hair is available at for the online price of $19.99.

So what is Salma's secret to such shiny, healthy hair? We know that Hollywood beauties go through quite a lot of hair trauma, especially being colored, blown-dry, flat-ironed, heat-curled, straightened, all under very hot movie and television lighting. And so on.

Argan oil.

We spoke about the almost magical qualities of this beauty oil from Morocco recently, in our article on the 7 Breakthrough Ingredients for Super Skin in 2009:
And this oil is even spectacular for strong, beautiful hair.
Stylist Robert Vetica told PeopleStyleWatch how he gave Salma Hayek shiny and amazing hair.

How to Do It
1: Separate hair into small sections.
2: Add Moroccanoil Treatment and Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream to each.
3: Use round brush to blow dry sections.
4: Let hair fall and mist with Moroccanoil Gold Glimmer Shine Spray.

There's the secret: Moroccanoil. According to their website,, this argan oil formula can do wonders for a head of hair:

Restores shine and softness to dull lifeless hair. Strengthens brittle hair.● Promotes healing and provides nourishment to hair damaged by coloring and styling.● Creates an optimal balance for the hair and scalp.● Nourishes the scalp (alleviates itchy, dry scalp)● Protects against UV damage and other environmental factors.● Reduces drying time and speeds up styling time.