Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Milkmaid Braids And Plaiting 2009 Spring Hair Trend

We love this look:

Milkmaid braids. And this is the hottest 2009 Spring hair trend! Bohemian beauties like Nicole Richie wear this style so well. It looks effortless and polished

Lovely Sienna Miller (shown below) was the first red carpet beauty to rock the milkmaid braid in 2007, and got criticized for her 'unfinished hair-do.'

Well, braiding and plaiting are all the rage this Spring, so find a friend to help you get the perfect look. And the top stylists say that all kinds of braids are hot. Thin. Thick. French braids.

We used to french braid our cousin's long blond hair years ago, and she looked so neat, fresh, and elegant.

The key to a good braid equals: long hair or a well-matching extension, or hair piece.

Stylists say that braids look good on most women. We tend to believe the milkmaid braid, however, really looks spectacular on blondes. For some reason, it seems to go best with flaxen-hair women. That's not to say that redheads or brunettes can't wear them, because Hollywood hotties are everywhere sporting braids.....Rachel Bilson. Jennifer Aniston. Molly Sims. Lauren Conrad.

It's an easy hair trend to achieve with a little practice, and it goes dressed up or dressed down. And now braids are elegant enough for the red carpet.


pmaria said...

Good article - I haven't worn a french braid in years! The thought of the milkmaid braid on me now makes me laugh!!!

J. Tania said...

Ha, ha. I'm telling you, blonde hair looks so pretty with a milkmaid braid or any kind of braid for that matter. I think you could wear it, pmaria.