Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Halle Berry Crowned Best Celebrity Skin...No Surprise

She's 42-years-old. And a new mom. And to win top honors for having the Best Celebrity Skin, well, that says something, too.

Halle Berry always looks flawless. And apparently, up close and personal, her skin appears the same way.

According to David Bank, M.D., founder and director of The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser Surgery, the stunning actress has probably taken 4 steps to maintain that enviable skin:

1. Be careful in the sun.

2. A great at-home maintenance routine.

3. Possibly Botox ($350 per area). Temporarily erases lines around eyes and forehead.

4. Possible Thermage Treatments ($1,000- $5, 000). Firms skin and tones complexion.

The good doctor also forgot to throw in good DNA, something Halle Berry has certainly been gifted with. And a healthy lifestyle. Halle is diabetic. She is active, follows a sound diet, and is never photographed partying all night long in Hollywood.

So we aren't surprised that Halle Berry was crowned Best Celebrity Skin.

By the way, Halle has just chopped off her longer hair, into her 2002 trademark pixie cut. Thought you'd like to see her latest.

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