Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Time Means Clairol Frost & Tip And HairPainting

We have told you time and time again, that it's best to leave the complex haircoloring to the professionals, especially when it involves a 2-step color processing.

But what if you just want to head into the balmy breezes of June, July, and August with a gently sun-kissed mane of hair?

Summer time means Clairol Frost & Tip Nice 'n Easy and Clairol HairPainting Nice 'n Easy.

And Clairol puts out a very good highlighting kit for women to use at home, according to New York City colorist Marcello Paglionico. He told InStyle magazine that this formulation really delivers, "beautiful, natural, beachy" highlights without a hint of brassiness. And because it is oil-based, it leaves hair in fantastic condition."

And the price is nice, $10.99, at your favorite drugstore.

Take a peek at the results below:

There is also the Clairol HairPainting Kit to use, but which one is right for your degree of highlighting?

It's simple: If your hair is already color-treated, then use Clairol's HairPainting kit, also $10.99:

Medium Brown to Light Blonde
Natural-looking highlights on the top layer of hair only.

Use Clairol's Frost 'n Tip kit for hair that isn't colored with permanent dye:

Dark Brown to Light Blonde
Medium Brown to Light Blonde
All-over highlights and the flexibility to create subtle or more striking natural-looking dimension; great if you wear ponytails or updos.

For more details, go to Clairol's excellent website: http://www.clairol.com/


bethjay said...

Used to use this stuff back in the late 70s. Didn't think they still made it. Would like to try again. Gives subtle results/

Anonymous said...

This product isn't as strong as it used to be in the '70s. I used to be able to lighten my hair enough in 15 minutes. Now I wait the full 90 minutes and it still isn't the color I want.