Saturday, June 6, 2009

How To Get Sweat-Free Feet In Chic Summer Soles

Our feet go through so much action on a daily basis. And when it's hot and muggy outside, well, even celebrity feet can sweat and yes, even smell.

But there is a chic solution. All you do is peel, stick, and stay dry. They are uber-trendy. And they're called Summer Soles. And simply put, these are removable liners. And Summer Soles come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics and even scents, all to keep your feet happy and sweat-free.

And at the same time, Summer Soles keep the insides of all your favorite shoes, looking new.

The science is not complicated here. Summer Soles are a super concept, because these removable liners provide a soft, dry barrier between feet and the shoe bed, so your feet stay dry. And they really do work!

And if you worried about fitting a pair inside your favorite sandals, shoes, or boots, relax. It's easier than you might think. Here's what the folks at say:

One size fits most. Usually minor trimming is necessary to fit to your shoe. We carry some colors in wide width, too. Summer Soles fit women's shoe sizes 5-11, and men's sizes 7-12.

For all shoe styles---Sandals, pumps, mules, flats - but just the dressy kind, with leather or shiny synthetic soles. NOT for spongy flip flops or fabric- bottomed styles like Birkenstocks. The light sticky back just can't grip fabric. Though we hear they're fabulous for going barefoot in Canvas Keds.

And the price is nice, too, for picking up some Summer Soles. We like the plush microfiber suede insoles (see photo of wedge sandals). Only $8 a pair. And the suede ones last and last.

If you don't absolutely adore Summer Soles, there's a money-back guarantee.

These chic liners are sold in many stores across the nation. And you can buy them online, too.

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However, there is a chic arrangement. Everything you do is peel, stick, and stay dry. They are uber-in vogue. Also, they're called Summer Soles. Furthermore, basically, these are removable liners. What's more, Summer Soles arrive in a wide assortment of hues and fabrics and even aromas, all to keep your feet cheerful and without sweat.

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