Monday, June 1, 2009

New Ellen Sirot Hand Perfection Line For Ageless Skin

Let's talk about Ellen Sirot. And if you don't know her by her name, you definitely know her by her hands.

And what a beautiful, soft, youthful pair she owns. So lovely, that Ellen Sirot's hands have stood-in for the famous hands of Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Ray, Hillary Swank, and Cheryl Tiegs, just to name a few.

Ellen Sirot has been a hand model for 20 years now, with an impressive portfolio. Advertising shots range from Dawn dishwashing liquid to Elizabeth Arden skin care to jewelry with Ross-Simons, etc.

Ellen's hands are everywhere. And they appear ageless. So how does she keep them looking that way?

With plenty of skin care knowledge. Ellen has studied the subject for a number of years now, and is happy to share her secrets with

"I feel a beautiful hand is a soft, ageless, healthy hand. Anyone can attain that - we just need to give our hands the same care we give the rest of ourselves," Ellen Sirot says.

And she is proud to launch her new product line, Ellen Sirot Hand Perfection.

"The line is a breakthrough in hand care as it is created specifically for the anti-aging needs of the incredibly delicate skin of our hands," Ellen says. "I love that the products are petroleum free (no greasy residue) and fragrance and paraben-free. The Day Cream ($50, 3.4 fl oz) is my fave, as I use it continuously through the day - each time I wash my hands I rehydrate the skin with a drop of Day Cream. The formula is created to lock in moisture and protect the hands with a light weight barrier - much like the skin's own lipid barrier."

We all know that the water and the sun, can do a number on our hands, if not the entire body. So how do we fight back?

The key is effective moisturizing. And the Ellen Sirot Hand Perfection line has the right formula to nourish the hands, including Omega-3s, essential and skin-friendly fats.

"The trick with water, is to moisturize each time you wash your hands to seal in moisture, rather then pulling it out. Also try to cut back on the number of times your hands are submerged in water - by using gloves when washing dishes, etc. For the sun, you must remember to apply suncreen to your hands and to wear protective clothing such as my Hand Perfection GLOVETTES ($35) for extra added protection," Ellen explains.

Whether you are 19 or 90, Ellen says it is never to late to rejuvenate a pair of hands. This hand care line really works.

"Our products are clincially proven to soften and smooth skin in less than two weeks on all sorts of hands!"

And Ellen Sirot uses every product she developed in her new hand care line, because she believes the ingredients are hitting the right target. Just look at her nightly routine. You can learn from this 'supermodel' of hand models.

"I cleanse my hands with HAND PERFECTION Moisturizing Cleanser, pat dry very gently and use a drop of Night Solution. The formula is so packed that just a tiny bit works it's magic. The ingredients are incredible - antioxidants for protecting the skin, exfoliants for helping with cell turnover, glucosamine to help plump the delicate skin of the hands which thins with age, Licorice Root to help brighten the skin and rich humectants and emollients to lock in moisture. After the Night Solution I use the Nail and Cuticle Treatment to take care of those areas. Our unique pen applicator allows you to target the nails and cuticle and hydrate them with our amazing oil full of botanicals and vitamins A and E. The doe-footed pusher lets you gently push back your cuticles while they are soft and supple from the oil. Hydrated nails are less likely to break and peel."

Visit Ellen's website to purchase Ellen Sirot Hand Perfection exclusively: And keep an eye out for appearances on the shopping channels.


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