Friday, June 5, 2009

Olive Oil Skin Care Products Smoothing Over Complexions

If you think of olive oil, you might be saying what a super food product it is for keeping the inside of your body like a fit running machine. But did you ever wonder how this healthy oil could also bring you many benefits for 'outside' the face and body, too?

There have been lots of beauty articles written about olive oil cleansers, olive oil creams, and a number of olive oil skin care products.

Many of you have shied away from these beauty treatments because you think your skin will get super oily and break out. But not the case. Instead, olive oil gives skin softness, elasticity, and protection from irritants in our environment.

Today, we are looking at 2 skin care companies that offer very popular olive oil-based products:
DHC Skin Care and Eger Olive Oil Skin Care.

DHC has several olive oil products for improving your skin. The most popular item is their Deep Cleansing Oil ($ 25, 6.7 fl oz, It's a water-soluble product that makes makeup disappear immediately.

"Dirt, excess oil, makeup—even waterproof mascara—and other pore-cloggers dissolve easily, leaving your face a grime-free zone that is soft to the touch. Its unique water-soluble formula rinses completely, so you’ll never see a greasy residue. Olive oil and vitamin E help ensure you won’t see dryness either."

DHC also features olive oil leaf creams, olive oil leaf extracts, and other olive oil-based skin care treatments.

Eger Skin Care, based in Israel, offers a variety of olive oil beauty products in creams, oils, and ointments.

Dr. Shaul Eger explains the science behind his treatments:

The main active ingredient is olive oil, which offers the following benefits:
Improves cells' metabolism .
Reduces cell aging rate.
Impoves cells' membrane flexibility.
Essential oils are incorporated to
Create pleasing scents of flowers, leaves, stems and barks from which they come.
Contribute their therapeutic properties.
No fragrances used in our products, due to their allergenic properties.
The oils and ointments are purely of plant origin, of natural antioxidants and no animals based additives.

Visit for purchase information, and for details on the launching of his new skin care line, Derma Care products.


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