Monday, September 28, 2009

Ayesha Gilani Miss Pakistan World 2009 Proud To Wear The Crown

Ayesha Gilani is elated with the title of Miss Pakistan World 2009. Newly crowned in June, Ayesha is a forward-thinking young woman, who is honored to represent her country on a global level.

"Most Pakistanis share my enthusiasm in bringing Pakistan into the limelight and showing the world how truly talented and strong Pakistanis are," Ayesha Gilani says. " The world needs to see that there is more to our nation than what is exaggerated in the media, and that is what Miss Pakistan World aims to do. As we continue to march forward, one day, the opposers will wake up and realize we are brothers and sisters and share the same battle to progress Pakistan, our country, in the eyes of the world.".

Ayesha Gilani, who hails from Lahore, Pakistan, and now resides in Washington, D.C., is the 7th Miss Pakistan World. The beauty pageants were established in 2002 by pageant president Sonia Ahmed. The pageant was held in Toronto, Ontario.

Miss Pakistan World 2009 is a bright, multi-talented, and beautiful woman currently attending George Mason University, and also running her own business of makeup artists called Limelight Beauty Artistes.

Ayesha loves playing with makeup (who doesn't?), and gave Beauty Tip Today some super tips. It all starts with a clean face, she says. "The most important thing about makeup is your canvas, your skin. For everyday wear, one’s skin should look natural, as if not wearing any coverage, yet flawless. Whether you choose to go with dramatic eyes or lips to ice the cake, or stick with the faux naturale look with features, the skin should always look natural; that never changes."

Here are some of Miss Pakistan World 2009's favorites:

1. My favorite foundation in the world is Vincent Longo Water Canvas. It’s a water-based pressed foundation applied with a sponge that disappears into the skin, and looks and feels like your own skin, yet provides medium coverage. It is stored in an airtight container to keep the formula from drying out, since the water content is so high. It’s magnificent. MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation is another favorite, as is the powder. Concealer is key for under eyes and red nostrils, and the Makeup Forever five-shade palette is a winner.

2. I have tried every designer mascara under the sun, and for ten years, I always come back to the same brand: L’Oreal Voluminous in black. (Stay away from the Carbon Black color, however; it will literally break your lashes off.) The key is to start at the very, very beginning of your lashes, and wiggle the wand left to right while working your way up the lashes. For extra lush lashes, coat the tops of lashes first, and then the underside with the "wiggle" tactic, and then lightly brush the lower lashes.

3. With these tips, the world is yours when it comes to lipstick, eye shadows, blush and fun accessories like bronzers and highlighters. Any brand carried by Sephora is an instant favorite. In terms of hair care, color treated and heat processed hair requires more TLC than virgin hair. Pureology makes the best color-protecting shampoos on the planet. The most effective conditioner I’ve ever used is Bumble and Bumble Deep, a 20-minute treatment that leaves one’s tresses feeling like silk.

Ayesha Gilani also shared some beauty tips from her motherland of Pakistan:

Here is a facial exfoliating mask I swear by, passed down to me by my mother and her mother. I never go on stage or in front of the camera without putting aside time for this first. Gram flour is an ingredient commonly used in Pakistani cuisine.

Mix 5 tablespoons of this with 3 teaspoons of warm milk, mix and blend into a paste. Apply on clean, dry skin, and rub into skin in a circular motion. When it begins to dry, add another layer, creating a thick mask on the face. Allow this to dry for 15 minutes, then scrub off with a wet washcloth.

What is revealed underneath will amaze you. The herb and milk reach deep into pores to moisturize and hydrate, and the sticky yet grainy texture adheres to the dead skin cells on your face and scrapes them off, revealing sparkling, shining, glowing skin underneath. Apply to the neck, shoulders, décolleté, and all over body for added cleansing and renewal.

Another great secret my mother swore by growing up is now used in MAC skin care products, rosewater. A great natural toner, it tightens and hydrates skin, providing for a more youthful appearance with no damaging side effects. A few added squirts of fresh lemon helps to lighten sun spots and freckles over time, but will sting sensitive skin.

Miss Pakistan World 2009 has a lot on her plate, as the saying goes. But she is a focused young woman who hopes to accomplish many things.

"I would love to use this platform of recognition to help the less fortunate. Pakistan has many causes that need support, such as aiding the victims displaced in Swat Valley, and for children suffering from disabilities such as Down’s syndrome."

And Ayesha Gilani would hope that girls in Pakistan stand strong:

"We know we are a beautiful, intelligent, talented people, and we are capable of everything we set our hearts and minds to. Don’t be afraid to step out of the crowd and go against the grain to make a difference in the Pakistani community, as well as in the world. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. I give you my favorite quote, from Henry Ford: "Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right."


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Thanks for the article. she is really beautiful and natural. I never liked women from this region (nothing racist, just not my type) but in this case I have to admit - she is really beautiful.


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Awesome beauty tips!
She is great!

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miss taliban opps, i mean pakistan. this is a joke, right