Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is Drew Barrymore's Black-Tipped Blonde Bob A Hair Do Or Hair Don't?

Drew Barrymore sure likes to take beauty chances these days.

Her hair do or hair don't has been getting lots of buzz. Well, look at it. Seriously.

It's a black-tipped blonde bob.

Okay, we don't care what the classic fashion snobs might think, but.........we actually like this look on 34-year-old Drew. Maybe it's because she's just a cool chick.

Sure, it appears that someone dipped the ends of her bob in the ink wells. But, so be it. The cheery actress can carry this edgy look.

And she did so last week in conservative fashion hub Boston, while promoting her new movie Whip It with Ellen Page. And folks got a glimpse of the new do again at the Toronto Film Festival where she wore this knock-out Alexander McQueen dress.

We're not sure if this is an attention-getting method to promote the new Whip It movie. Or just Drew being Drew.

We've been trying to hunt down which stylist colored the actress' black-tipped blonde bob?

We wonder if celebrity stylist Kim Vo knows who dip-dyed Drew's locks. And we wonder what Kim Vo thinks about this edgy look, because he is a master at beautiful hair color.

Is it a hair do or a hair don't?!


Anonymous said...

Luv the dress! Yuck for the hair. As cute as Drew B. is she still can't pull that do off. Noone could really.

lyndalou said...

pretty gal + 1 ugly hairstyle.
not a good look drew. go back to drew, soft anf blonde.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love her hair! I am thinking of doing this on myself. Love it!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! in fact, i have really long blonde hair and am getting that done. so excited.