Friday, September 18, 2009

New Hand Perfection Cleanser Restores Moisture And Softness

Let's be honest. With continued talk about the H1N1 virus, there's a lot of attention being paid to our hands.

Even schoolchildren are being re-taught how to correctly wash their hands.

Everyone is washing their hands, over and over again, upwards of 15 times per day, according to a Hand Perfection survey.

Who is Hand perfection, you ask?

Hand Perfection is a new collection of hand creams, developed and designed by Ellen Sirot. Her company knows plenty about good grooming when it comes to our hands. Ellen Sirot has been a hand model for 20 years now, with an impressive portfolio. Advertising shots range from Dawn dishwashing liquid to Elizabeth Arden skin care to jewelry with Ross-Simons, etc.

And we learned recently from Ellen, that plain, old water can do a number on the appearance of our hands. Every time we submerge them into water, we are drying out the delicate skin on our hands.

And now Ellen Sirot has created a wonderful HandPerfection Moisturizing Cleanser for Hands ($30, use code CLEAN25 for special offer)

Ellen swears by this excellent hand cleanser:

"Though necessary, repeated hand washing with conventional soaps contributes to skin aging. Our creamy formula gently cleanses your skin while moisturizing, leaving hands looking and feeling their best. Mild, coconut-derived cleanser combined with super conditioners helps preserve skin’s delicate balance of water and natural oils. Hands are protected, refreshingly hydrated and soft. Especially suited to sensitive skin. Use in place of soap."

And if you would like to see photos of Ellen Sirot's beautiful model hands, click on her website. She has a lovely collection of products to keep hands looking ageless:

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